Send link to customer to land on signature page

Continuing the discussion from Tuesdays with Tadabase - June 6th 2023:

Great video, just what i need but one question. How do we send a link to the customer to sign the page. I understand we can send an email but how do we get the url to the details page which will land the customer directly on that page. thanks

I think i must be missing something here, if you go to the signature page, you can copy the exact link to that page from the address bar. Unless you are talking about getting the details page with the signature dynamically. Like if you are trying to send the link through notifications after submitting a form, for that you just copy the url to the signature page and replace the details page ID with this: {!!id!!}

Can you give us some more context?

Hi @SuiteUpstairs, i did try that. copied the url. but when clicking the link as a customer not logged in, the customer is taken to their dashboard not the intended page.

In the video Tim talks about sending a link, the customer lands on the page, must login and is directed to the intended page where they can sign the proposal. The page is a details page.

It appears that you may have some redirect rules in play here. Have a look at these three places in your app to see if they are set to redirect users upon login.

Check your layout security setting:

Check the login Page Rules:

Check your login form “Login Redirect Rules”

If you find that you do have rules set on the layout and you don’t want to delete or change them, you can always add a second layout without the redirect rules and recreate a copy of the Signature page there.

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Thank you, i know i do have redirect rules in place. Ok, ill try a new layout without the rule. Makes sense.

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