Tuesdays with Tadabase - June 6th 2023

:beetle: :hook:We’ve caught that June-bug and it’s spreading! Brace yourselves 'cause we’re unleashing the contagious excitement that’s been brewing. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

:toolbox: Our engineers have been rockin’ and rollin’ this week. Starting off with installing some new call-backs to the Javascript API! You can now -

  1. Get user Token which gets the token of the logged in user. This is useful if systematically triggering page/user API calls and requires the logged in user token.
  2. Get User after successful login- which callbacks after a user logs in successfully to the app. Be sure the component id matches the login components ID. YES!

Read more about these callbacks and the Javascript API :coffee: (Updates | Tadabase)!

:ballot_box: You asked and we listened! We’ve pulled out the toolbox and added the option to set custom page sizes in PDFs. Yep, that’s cool.

:robot: Iris has entered the chat and is ready to help! We hope you’ve been utilizing her many capabilities and we’re excited to add to her AI team! We’ll be rolling out even more features and tools that will be enhanced with AI, be on the lookout for these coming very soon and we hope you find them both useful and transformative. :telescope:

:bug: :x: We’ve also :eight::six:ed some pesky bugs this week. We’re still testing to be sure they’re dead and gone, so be sure to check our official release notes in the next few days to see which bugs we’ve effectively squashed. :hiking_boot:

:school_satchel: Looking to build a proposal or quote generator? Catch this episode of Built it with Tim where we’ll learn how to build dynamic and professional proposals, quotes, or contracts to collect digital signatures. Check it out!

:scissors: Snippet(s) of the week:

We have not one but TWO new snippets to share this week! :telephone_receiver: Converting a phone field to Country Dropdown which converts a text field to a dynamic phone number field. Learn more and snip the code here~!

And Using DataTables to show external Data which pulls in dynamic data using rest API to display it in your app. Read more & snip here! :jigsaw:

Time’s out on this one, just wait for what more we have in store! Happy building, folks and see you next week! :checkered_flag: