Show Total(s) for all records instead of by page

I’d really like to see an option to show totals for all records in a view, rather than totals per page.

For example, I have a table of 200 records and those records are split into 2 pages of 100 records. Totals for the first 100 records are on Page 1, the totals for the next 100 records are on page 2 but I’m not able to see totals for all 200 records.


Tim, what about using a Card Component to show the totals instead of at the bottom? The card will sum all the same records as you’d have on the bottom. If you need it for filtering you can add the search component and it will update both cards and tables.

We’re very back and forth about how this is supposed to work. I would assume showing the total for records not visible can cause more concern than the way its currently displayed. This is why we only show totals for records visible.

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I could try the cards, but I think it’s cleaner on the table itself. I disagree about showing the totals for non visible records being concerning. If shown at the end of the last page, of if it was shown as an additional row labeled grand totals, I think it’d be clearly defined.

To be honest, I wish we could show more than 100 records per page. Maybe I’m one of the crazy ones in that regard.

We’ll move the limit up to 250 on our next update.

At 250 records though if you have many connected fields being visible you’ll notice a drastic decrease in load times.

I’ll look into adding a grand total row, i didn’t think of that. Seems like a reasonable way to keep data integrity at the same time.

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Works for me! Thanks Moe :+1:

@moe Just realized that a “Grand Total” row would also be very helpful for tables with groupings. See screenshot.


Hey Moe,

Instead of just a hard limit, what about loading tables dynamically as you scroll? That way it doesn’t slow down the page load. You could have two options, hard limit or dynamic. Not sure if the current Tadabase architecture would make this kind of feature easy to program or not but it would be cool if it did.



@tim.young - We’ve increased the limit of records per page. :blush:


This is very helpful for tables with 250 or fewer records. It also is a good move in the right direction for larger tables. I would vote in favor of having a choice to have the counts reflect the grand totals instead of the totals per page. Or perhaps an option that would please everyone would be something like: Count 205 of 1648


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@Henry you can set the total per table in the Data Source of the table. Can you take a look there? I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re looking for.


@moe No, I am looking for the subtotal counts for Grouping items. For example, in the screenshot below, there are 506 records, but only 250 are on the first page. There are 156 East Branch records on the first page. How many East Branch records are there on the remaining pages? It would be great to see Count 156 of 367 instead of just Count 156.


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@Henry, I see. We don’t have this option yet and I’m sure it’s possible with JS, but I’ll bring this up internally to see what we can do.

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I see you posted this suggestion back in July – little before I discovered Tadabase. Has this request been implemented yet?

If I’m understanding you correctly (and I think your description of the problem was pretty clear), this is really important for me, too. I have not made much use of Tadabase’s summary calculations yet so I haven’t encountered this problem myself.

I often have a large-ish number of records in one key table. Might be 400, or 1000 – and in some cases it’s thousands. Let’s say users are one of the law firms I develop for. The key table for them is usually named Clients (= the law firm’s clients in a lawsuit). It’s not a problem that they can only view N records at a time in a table (whether N = 10, or 25 or 250). But they DO want to know, when they filter for Client Status = Active, how many records are returned? That is, they need to know quickly how many active clients they have.

Is there a way to do this?


I forgot about this. No I don’t think a grand total for all records has been added yet.

As for your question, I think I understand it correctly, can’t you just reference the total records at the top right of the table? In this screen shot, I have 12 records, 10 records per page.

Thanks Tim. So in your screenshot there are 12 records total matching the current filter, right – but just ten records displayed per page? And if there were 1200 records matching the current filter, that gray box you outlined would say “1200 Records” right?

If so, that solves one important problem.

But then there are the other problems involving calculations like totals by group and totals of some other value like a “Price” field.

For example, say I built a Tadabase app that a company was going to use to track sales. In the SALES table, there’d probably be fields like Date Sold, Product, and Price, and a connected field for Rep (the name of the company rep who gets credit for the sale). I’d want to be able to do monthly or quarterly reports that showed sales within the specified time range, grouped by Rep, and I’d want to get two total values – COUNT (number of sales made in that quarter by the rep) and TOTAL of the Price field by rep. And of course, I’d want a grand total for each of these values at the top and bottom of the report.

Am I to understand that, at the moment, there’s no way to do that in Tadabase? What about if the perspective were moved to another table, like say, Reps?

I’m currently using Tadabase on a trial account and would also love to see a grand total for all records, not just per page. We issue shares of common equity on a fairly frequent basis under various different plans, timeframes and bankers making grouping and totaling by each category key. Would be nice if this were available by the time we become paying customers. :laughing:

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Hi Tim,

Can you tell me if there is a solution or a workaround for this yet? I’m working on a purchase order / expense tracking program that will compare actual to budget expenses by department and expense category, and I need to be able to have total dollars for multi-page tables. At present I think I can only show the total for each page.


A workaround I have used for this is the card component, just turn off all the design elements (borders, colors etc.)

Then you can set the card to get the sum of whatever column you want and apply any filters as well.

Hopefully this helps you out.



Thanks for the tip. I’ll give it a try!


I’m back on this topic because it keeps coming up for me. I have a table with fourteen tabs with different filters. The Search component doesn’t allow me to set up the conditional logic I need, so I can only show grand totals by creating a Card component with a parallel set of filter tabs. That works, but it’s not clean, and it would be a real pain if I needed to total more than one column of dollars.

Conclusion: I think there is still a need for a Grand Total in the Table component. This should be in addition to the current summary (rename to Subtotal and Grand Total?).