Tadabase Tuesday where are you?

Lots of questions running through my mind today. Like, “Where the hell is Tadabase Tuesday?” :crazy_face: Did they think we wouldn’t notice? Did they move it to Wednesday? Perhaps it’s on a festive break?

Seriously though I love the updates so lets hope it’s back soon…I’m hoping more PDF Pages updates are in the pipeline… :crossed_fingers:


Here ya go :muscle:


Awesome update! I’d love to see the Custom Component on the PDF page. wink! wink!


Thats interesting, never even thought of custom component for pdf, but maybe we can do somwthing along the lines of custom html repeater.

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That could work, I think I just love the custom component too much :smiley: There is so much you can achieve with the handlebar helpers.

Great news! Where can we find the new functionalities?

We should have clarified that these are updates being polished and worked out, not live yet. Should be live in the coming days.


Ahh okay, I got too excited and started looking for the functions :grinning:

Hi Cam @SuiteUpstairs,

I’m now suffering from FOMO. I’ve used the Custom Components only once before when @Chem helped me with a table component that spread the record contents over two rows, which was really neat but I’ve not used them since.

If you ever have time to share any screenshots or info about Custom Components you’ve created I’d be super interested to hear about them. :+1:

Here’s a fun CRM I made with mostly custom components, the status bar changes at the top right depending on the stage of the lead, and the notes/calls/email timeline populates as you add them. It gives a whole new look to Tadabase quite easily.

I’m planning to show the community how I did the status arrow bar when I have some time to document it, it’s pretty simple.


@SuiteUpstairs this looks awesome!!! Would be so great if you can share with the community!

While on the topic of custom components. Someone recently sent me a screenshot example of the TV in their shop with their custom built Kanban board built with custom component. Once you know how to use the custom component it is so much fun. We use it internally a lot.


I really like those components, they work really well in your CRM app, nice job ! Thanks for sharing this, it really helps to demonstrate the power of Tadabase when coupled with the right set of skills - really nice.

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That’s really cool too @Moe . It’s especially nice to see different types of businesses like this adopting Tadabase as part of their tool kit too! :wrench: :hammer_and_wrench: :nut_and_bolt: :toolbox:


Wow, this looks great @moe MOE. is the PDF functionality also available on Details pages? or just tables?