Todoist/HubSpot Clone

Well, not so much a clone as it is influenced.

Right now I have some cool features built that I will continue to share here, such as:

  1. Move record through a “pipeline”
  2. Fetch website description when a website is added to a client record
  3. When “Onboard Client” is clicked, a contact is created in PandaDoc and a client is created in Freshbooks.
  4. Static side-bar Details Component
  5. Dynamic menu badges that will only show when a notification count is greater than 0 (thank you @chem)

and a small video to share of the app so far…


Sidenav instructions here: Sidebar Navigation - FINAL INSTALLMENT

@tim.young Outstanding preview showing what’s possible. It doesn’t even look like it’s Tadabase, so you have me rather curious. Well done!!

Lots of custom CSS?