Tracking changes in a table

Hello again,

So I have a simple Assets database. It contains a table of “Computers” and a table of “Users” connected by the field “Employee Name”.

When an Admin changes a field in the Computers table such as Hard Drive, RAM or Employee Name I’m looking for a way to track these changes in a third table called “History”. This table would contain fields called…

    1. logged in user
    1. computerID (unique)
    1. field name changed
    1. old field value
    1. new field value

Thanks in advance.

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Are the changes coming from a form? You can use record rules.

I could limit the changes to a Details form off of the main table yes.

That’s what I would suggest. It gets messy quickly if you’re using multiple forms/inline edits to modify data. I know Tadabase has an update coming to provide an audit trail but I am assuming it’ll be on the builder side only.

This is for Knack (I know I know), but the functionality applies.

If the primary purpose of this is to audit changes then this will be available this week with our new “Record Logging” feature. You’ll be able to view and track all changes to records from the builder and front-end of your app.

If you need to be able to use the data, not just view it after the fact then you can accomplish this with Record Rules. You would create a record rule to Insert a log record into a 3rd table like you mentioned.

Here’s an article with more details you can reference:


Yes I need this history available in the front end of the app. I had already looked through record rules I have read through the link you’ve provided and unfortunately it does not provide any way to log the changes made to the record as I laid out in my original post.


Here is another problem when I follow the instructions in the link you provided.

When I try to add the form on the Project Details page it only gives me the option to “Edit this Pages Projects” not “Update this Pages Projects”

Rob, this seems like a typo in the doc, but Edit this page’s Project would be the same as “Update this page’s Project” we don’t differentiate between an update and Edit and will put more effort into ensuring the language is consistent.