Update Grandchild Table Field with Action Link from Parent Table

Greetings Tada Community-

I am wondering if it is possible to update a non-connection field in a Grandchild table when an action link is clicked in the Parent table. I am attempting to change a field from “draft” to “published”. This change will activate some display rules that I have in the grandchild table to hide the delete and edit buttons.

I can get the actions to work in the child table to the grandchild table but I can’t seem to get it to work when the action is attempted from the parent table to the grandchild.

Can this be done?? Maybe a Pipe? Maybe some Javascript?

Any ideas would be much appreciated!

I have done something similar, but only have parent-child. Can you show a data structure ? @SafetyUniversity

This is likely possible but requires using local variables.

If you share your structure or a similar structure ill write up a description with a video how you can achieve this.

Moe and Peter-

Does this help? I have never worked with local variables before Moe.


All 3 tables appear to be connected by ‘Operational Period’, if so, you can try record rules on parent table assigned to edit/add publication release status (draft/published) …update connected records in ‘child table’.

Add a seperate record rule below top one to do the same thing for grandchild table.

Hi @Shumon -

I tried that and it works for the Child but not the Grandchild. It appears that updating a connected record cannot go any “deeper” than the child table (in this instance). I appreciate your suggestion.


Adam, I thought I understood your scenario, but after reading it again I’m still unsure based on the description and the connection diagram. Still, I’ll make a video in case it helps point you in the right direction.

For the sake of simplifying the local storage typical use case, I’ll use a different example with shopping cards and orders, etc…


@moe -

This is great functionality that I was not aware that TB had. WOW! I attempted (key word) to synthesize what you explained into the scenario I am working. Unfortunately, I was not able to get it to work. I am not sure if I was doing to correctly but I wanted to provide a video explaining a bit clearer what I am attempting to do. Hopefully this provides more description…

The connections as shown above may need to be changed and I am totally open for it. IOW, I may not have the correct connections established.

Updated Video: 2022-05-30_10-30-32

I welcome any thoughts or recommendations.


P.S. The original video did not upload to screencast properly. I have uploaded a new video which is the current video link. @moe sorry for the video access issues if you were attempting to view the original one.

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Greetings all-

I don’t know what happened or if @moe worked some magic behind the scenes quietly but everything seems to be working exactly as I was hoping it would work. I did not change anything for connections and/or the action link triggers. Very happy to have this functionality working.


Moe, this is great!

This using of local storage with action link works fine with Table Component, but I was not able to make the same thing using an action link within a List Component.