Sidebar and/or vertical menu

Idk maybe the sidebar days are history but I’m dying for one. I have so many design/layout ideas to utilize a side bar on a page, or a vertical menu, OR like a dual column page container layout. Anyone else?


Been keeping an eye on this, a bit surprised its not getting more love from the community. :thinking:

When we feel we’re at a better place platform wise we will be doing many big UI changes for things like this.

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Right? I thought this would get more attention too.

In the meantime, do you know if it’s possible to do something with this?

From the same library as the tabs

I agree. This would be a great option to have.

I have a temporary solution posted here - Side Navigation Menu

Hi Tim - what was your final solution for this? I have been wanting this from day 1. I much prefer a collapsible side menu bar so I can have a full screen for work. :slight_smile:

See my post here - this was the first attempt

There’s also some information posted here -

@Chem has been working on some refined solutions, which is what you’re seeing in my app. If it’s OK with him, I can share it.


Posted in #tips-and-tricks with a solution that I think is easily implemented for anyone who is interested. Related sidenav posts have been closed and direct here as well: Sidebar Navigation - FINAL INSTALLMENT